The Tools of IMC

JOMC 272.001

Created by Joe Bob Hester / @joebobhester


Briefly explain the philosophy and rationale for integrated marketing communications.


What marketing tasks does promotion usually address?

Trade Promotion

What is trade promotion?

Consumer Promotion

Provide several examples of consumer promotion tactics.

Promotion vs. Advertising

For which tasks might promotion be better than brand advertising?

Advertising vs. Promotion

For which tasks might advertising be better than promotion?

Product Placement

What is product placement?

Product Placement

What are its pros?

Product Placement

What are its cons?

Product Placement

Is product placement a substitute for advertising? Explain.

Branded Entertainment

What is the difference between product placement and branded entertainment?

Event Marketing

Under what marketing circumstances might you consider event marketing?

Direct Response

Which would be your preferred direct response medium— direct mail or telemarketing? Why?


What are the pros and cons of free publicity vs. paid advertising?


If your job depended on generating trial for a new technology/computer related product, which marketing communications forms would you consider and in what order of priority?

Coffee Cup Holders

A sales rep offers you advertising at $0.03 each on those protective cardboard coffee cup holders used by Starbucks and other coffee shops, emphasizing that millions of younger consumers and businesspersons would see and appreciate the client’s logo. What kinds of marketing problems might this opportunity address?


At the asking price of $0.03, what is the CPM?

A Good Deal?

Is $.03 a low or high price for such an availability?


What questions would you ask the sales rep?