When Do I Code?

Every. Single. Day.

It's the only way to learn.

There are a lot of great (free) resources available, but the reality of learning to code is that you need a significant amount of practice. You need to make coding a part of your daily routine.

Always be coding.

Current HTML / CSS / javascript projects

One way I add coding to my daily routine is by creating/managing sites and course materials for the classes I teach.

Coding vs. Programming

In a recent discussion with colleagues, this question arose: "What's the difference between coding and programming?" A variety of opinions were forthcoming. This site will use the two terms interchangeably.

Special Sections


The backstory of this site. Why I created it and plans for the future.


What programming language(s) should you learn? Some advice on choosing your path as you learn to code.


Online resources to help you learn to code. Includes reviews of tools I've actually used.


As a professor, I believe programming skills are particularly valuable for researchers.

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